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◆Excellent mechanism: minor “policy” in major “policy”
Suzhou New District takes the responsibilities to create “mountain, water and new Suzhou”, spares no efforts to construct the national high-tech industrial development zone, creates the innovative highland, and gives priority to develop education. Suzhou Science & Technology Town Foreign Language School is greatly cared and supported by party working committee of high-tech district and the government. Invested by the management committee of Suzhou New District, the school applies the cooperation in running. It is an international, ecological, technological and human-oriented school and covers the preschool education and compulsory education of nine-year system.
The government provides the powerful policy guarantee for the school development and offers the comprehensive support to school teachers and public schools. Meanwhile, by virtue of the privately-operated mode, the school can provide warmer, more harmonious and more diversified individual development platform and favorable treatment for teachers.
◆Predominant location: minor “center” in major “center”
Suzhou Science and Technology Tow is built by Ministry of Science and Technology, Suzhou Provincial Government, and Suzhou Municipal Government. It is a large-scale R&D innovative base and the location of administrative center in the national development zone—Suzhou New District. The school is located in the center of Suzhou Tech City and also one of key educational supporting projects in Suzhou Tech City.
◆Graceful Campus: minor “ecology” in major “ecology”
The school is located in the Suzhou New District. The area of mountains and water exceeds 50000 square kilometers. There is clean air and it is an ecological city.
Suzhou Science and Technology Town nears the mountain and by the river, revealing plainness and flexibility, elegance and unique dynamic style. Suzhou Science and Technology Town always integrates ecological philosophy into the educational ecological system of the school. The school has the high vegetation coverage. The entire campus embodies the philosophy of harmony between man and nature from classrooms, dormitories, library, to gym. This is imperceptibly integrated into the philosophy of students, so as to create the ecological environmental protection, beautiful and comfortable study and growth space to children.
◆Superior brand: major “education” in minor “education
The famous special-class teacher Cao Lunhua acts as the chief president in the school. The special-class Chinese teacher Zhang Tong acts as the president. The core member in the expert group of national English Course Standards and managing vice chairman of national foreign language education research training center—Professor Zhang Lianzhong guides the professional foreign language team. The former educational inspector of Singapore—Mr. Hong Weixiong acts as the chief educational inspector. The former president of Pate’s Grammar School—Mr. Richard Kemp is the general counsel.
Excellent foreign teachers come from the countries with mother tongue, such as the UK, the USA and Australia. They have bachelor degree or above and belong to the teachers in the general subjects with abundant teaching experience in international schools and complete teaching qualification, TEFL certificate, and foreign cultural education expert certificate.
A batch of excellent teachers and overseas high-level bilingual talents will indulge themselves in creating the international, diversified and delicate school education and provide high-quality holistic education for children.
◆Optimized Curricula: major “courses” in minor “courses”
Basic courses:
Suzhou Science & Technology Town Foreign Language Schoolvalues the educational teaching of basic courses. High-configuration classroom can construct the good learning environment for students. Through regular foreign and domestic training, masters and apprentices, the school creates the high-quality teacher team and lays a subject course foundation on students.
International comprehension course:
Multiple foreign languages are more than knowledge, but the integration of culture and ability. The school opens multiple courses, including German, Spanish, French and Japanese. In addition, the school provides various further study opportunities and displays the world in front of children. Various cross-culture activities offer the broader partnership exchange platform to students.
STEAM courses:
STEAM is the first educational suggestion proposed in the USA. It is the abbreviation of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. STEAM education not only means to study knowledge in these five subjects, but also is a new teaching mode. Students can study various subjects from the process, so as to comprehend knowledge and pay attention to study process. Suzhou Science & Technology Town Foreign Language School establishes the intelligent space and constructs the platform for the corresponding characteristic courses, including robots, 3D printing, and woodworking. Through visiting, practice, and joint study between teachers and students, students help each other in curiosity and grow up.
CAS courses:
CAS is the abbreviation of Creativity, Action, and Service. Creativity means the courses, except for arts and PE. Action means individual or group activities. Service refers to the interactive community activities, including help others or complete tasks or activities with other people.
CAS courses integrate with students’ interest, school cultivation targets, social expectation and integration, and encourage students to participate in various social practice activities, aiming to explore their potential in activities and cultivate their leadership ability, innovative ability, and team spirit. Abundant forms make students have sense of responsibilities and cultivate international citizens with innovative ability, responsibility and sympathy.
Growth-helping courses:
Life will become the second classroom of children. Through career planning, life skill training, and parent salon, it cultivates students’ self-care ability and helps students’ growth.
As one of entity schools of Lunhua Education, Suzhou Science & Technology Town Foreign Language School upholds the school-running philosophy of “ Broaden Knowledge for global Citizens, Enlightened wisdom for fulfilled lives”, completes educational teaching with the scientific and pragmatic attitude, requires for professional growth with the self-improvement belief requirements, and faces to up daily details with the spirit to pursue for perfection, so as to cultivate the new-era talents with “Chines foundation, Patriotic Consciousness, International Perspective, and Leadership Ambition”.

Our Development history

  • 2015-09-24

    Agreement between Administration Committee of Suzhou Science & Technology Town and Lunhua Education


    New school completed and moved to new campus


    Ceremony for celebrating the accomplishment of new campus

Our Headmaster Team

Lunhua Cao

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Ni Tao

Principal Advisor

Tong Zhang


Zhiqiang Yao

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Vice Principal

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Genlin Tu

Vice Principal

Juan Gu

Vice Principal

Shitian Zhao

Deputy Principal